Meet Our Teacher – Pam Novotny

Pam had already been practicing Kaiut Yoga when she ran into Barn Yoga student Barbralu Cohen who recommended she try some classes at the barn. Pam was just at the point where her Kaiut Yoga practice was helping her ankle improve dramatically after many surgeries and many months off her feet.  Seeking even more of the calm that  her yoga practice was bringing to her nervous system and more of the healing it was bringing to her body, she was increasing the number of classes she took each week.

Someone told me once that it’s easy to come to crave Kaiut Yoga, and that’s what was happening to me.

But something was still missing.

I wanted to practice closer to the source, closer to Francisco Kaiut’s influence, to really understand what made the practice work.

When she came to the barn, Pam found a community that filled that need.  When Francisco came to Colorado that year,  she signed up for his teacher training, thinking that it would only be an opportunity to continue to deepen her understanding.  By the time she finished 100 hours of training, Barn Yoga’s founding teacher Wendy asked her to consider teaching at the barn in the future.  A light bulb went off for Pam.

I’d always taught the things I loved.  I’m a writer with a long career writing books, and writing for newspapers and magazines.  For decades I’ve taught magazine writing, non-fiction book proposals and the writing of those books, journalism and reporting.  Now I’ve become a developmental editor, helping writers more clearly visualize and write what they desire.  And loving language as I do, I also teach English to immigrants through Intercambio, a fine Boulder organization.  Why wouldn’t I teach Kaiut Yoga?  

Pam has lived in Boulder with her family for more than 30 years.  She and her husband have five grown children, two of whom live with their families in Fort Collins.  Pam and her husband are in the process of moving there to be closer to kids and grandkids, and she is especially happy to be able to continue to teach Kaiut Yoga on Zoom.  If we are ever able to meet in person again, she looks forward to bringing Kaiut Yoga to Fort Collins — where there is not yet a single Kaiut Yoga class!

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