Meet Our Teacher – Aprille Jordan


“Playgrounds are wonderful places to practice. Love this bench. Really lets my shoulders open!”


When  Aprille walked into a yoga studio in 2016 and signed up for a Kaiut Yoga class, she had never heard of the Kaiut Yoga method before.  Although she had practiced other types of yoga for many years, she found herself “wowed” by her very first Kaiut Yoga experience.

“There was something really quite unique about this practice, the way your eyes are closed and you’re not looking at anybody.  Your experience is just very internal.”

Aprille’s career in the technology sector, her passion for rock climbing and two pregnancies, had all taken a toll on her body, resulting in chronic back pain and shoulder issues, but she found herself surprised by the impact of Kaiut Yoga in these areas.

I was surprised by some of the connections I was feeling. The arm work was totally different from anything I had experienced before. Having the fingers clasped underneath the bolster was really profound for me because I was also feeling that in my low back. Also, as a person who generally tends to be labeled as flexible, I was surprised by the things that I couldn’t do and really curious about that.

 Although she had always thought she would become a yoga teacher someday, Aprille had always assumed that would happen after she had retired from her career in technology.  But after her introduction to Kaiut Yoga, she became so interested in the method that she decided to do a year long training with Francisco Kaiut, not with any intention of becoming a teacher, but simply to learn more about the method.

And then all of a sudden it just swept me away.  I quit my job in technology and I realized that I had to follow what is my nature.  I needed to make Kaiut Yoga the priority in my life.


As a Barn Yoga teacher for the past two years, Aprille has had an opportunity to work with many students over the course of months and even years of practice:

I really appreciate how dedicated our students are…It’s been wonderful to see the consistency in their practice and to see the transformation over time of their bodies.  And it’s not just the transformation in their bodies; sometimes it’s the transformation in the mind or in the nervous system. To be able to witness that… has been one of the things I love most about teaching.

And to those who haven’t yet tried Kaiut Yoga, Aprille offers this encouragement:

I think people who are not familiar with this method will be really surprised by this style of yoga because it’s not very yoga-ish.  The things that people associate with yoga that they don’t like, Kaiut Yoga is not. People don’t have to wear their Lululemon pants… they can come as they are, any body type, any mind set, they can just come.  And every pose is approachable and customized for them and for their unique body and experience.

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