What’s In A Name?

Ever wonder why we are called Barn Yoga?

As the “old-timers” know well, we offered our very first Kaiut Yoga classes at Kelly’s Barn, a one-of-a kind landmark in north Boulder, located just a few blocks from our current location.  We didn’t have an official name back then; everyone just referred to us as “barn yoga”.  When the time came to choose a legal name for our business, we decided to make our unofficial name official — and thus Barn Yoga LLC was born.

Then came the pandemic. The barn closed and we became a “virtual barn”, literally overnight, and remained so for more than a year. When we reopened in our new location above Lucky’s Bakehouse in June, 2021, we had already established a reputation for ourselves as Barn Yoga, and we also still felt a sentimental attachment to the place where it all began.  And so we decided to keep the name Barn Yoga, no doubt to the puzzlement of some of our newer students.

Nowadays it is likely safe to say that we the only “barn” in the entire world which is located upstairs above a bakery!

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