Re-meet Our Teacher Adri!

With it having been nearly a year since Adri has joined the Barn Yoga teaching team, it’s more than likely you’ve crossed paths (but if you haven’t, you definitely should try one of her classes!).

We’d like to celebrate Adri’s one year Barn Yoga anniversary by sharing a reintroduction.

Adri has always had a passion for sharing the importance of awareness and stillness in our modern day world. After studying the ins and outs of psychology, she was led on a detour and became captivated by holistic healing. Adri made it her mission to learn and obtain as many tools as possible to approach wellness in a more alternative manner.

In mid 2019, Adri was introduced to the Kaiut Method and, after practicing consistently for over two years, she became hooked! She could feel the healing benefits of this incredible practice for herself, both mentally and physically. The practice felt as if it was the embodiment of the awareness and stillness and she felt called to share it with others.

Adri’s passion led her to the decision to take a deeper dive… into the method and she completed her 300-hour teacher training with Francisco Kaiut in early 2022. Not long after, Adri received an offer she could not refuse, to begin teaching in Boulder, Colorado at Barn Yoga. Boulder has always been a second home to Adri; the studio is just a few blocks from the house she spent many summers in while visiting her grandparents.

She is thrilled to share this method of exploration, healing, and sustainability with those around her.

Teaching is the highest state of presence. To observe students looking inward, slowing down, and ultimately healing both body and mind is what motivates me class after class. The community at Barn Yoga has been so welcoming over the last year and I look forward to our continued growth together- on and off the mat.

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