Meet Our Student – Pam Novotny

Pam is an accomplished writer and developmental editor who came to the practice of Kaiut Yoga because of problems with her ankle.  She had undergone ankle replacement surgery and had complications which required two additional surgeries within the same year.  She lost a great deal of functionality in her ankle both as a result of her surgeries and as a result of spending several years off her feet during her recovery.  She was afraid to engage in many activities fearing that she would be incapable of doing much because her ankle had become so weak.  A friend recommended she try Kaiut Yoga. Pam was initially skeptical of her ability to do any type of yoga, but with her friend’s encouragement, she did attend a Kaiut Yoga class and found that not only was she capable of doing the class, she was amazed at how good it felt.  She has been coming to class ever since.

Things happened for me pretty quickly with doing this yoga.  One thing was that it woke up the rest of my body. That was when I really understood that I had been paying attention to my ankle for two years pretty exclusively and that’s all I felt. But within a week or so of doing this yoga it’s like my whole body said: “Oh, we’re still here. Thank you for paying attention!“  It was amazing.  In some ways I do this practice because of/in spite of my ankle…but really it just brings me such joy to use my whole body in this gentle but also profound way.

I’ve done tons of physical therapy…but still it just was a very unbalanced body and a body filled with fear and trauma.  I don’t have that now. I really don’t.  As time goes by I see other things unfolding in my life as a result, because when you’re full of physical fear and trauma it’s hard to do much of anything else. It limits you in so many ways.  This practice has really opened up my life.

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