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What Our Students are Saying About Kaiut Yoga

So happy Barn Yoga is online now! It’s easy to use, and such a relief to have yoga when everything else seems to be faltering.

Pam Novotny
Ft. Collins, CO

It’s an amazing gift to have the gentle, caring and intelligent guidance of the Barn Yoga team as I shelter in place in Mexico! Grateful that I’m very possibly being rescued from a right hip replacement down the road. Mil de gracias!

Terry Vandiver
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I’d almost given up on being able to thoroughly enjoy walking the Berkeley Hills.  I’m so grateful to the very knowledgeable, wise and kind instructors at Barn Yoga for nurturing my return to vitality and health.

Jane Baraz
Berkeley, CA

I am so grateful to be able to be part of this wonderful Barn Yoga community.  It has helped me stay centered, healthy, and not so alone during these difficult days.

Bonnie Kogod
Washington, D.C.

Landing in my body through Kaiut Yoga is giving me a sense of presence more than anything else.  I know the answer isn’t out there.  It’s to be as present as I can be in this body in this moment.

Tamar Stone
Boulder, Colorado
The kind and highly skilled Barn Yoga teachers are helping me age gracefully and pain-free.
I can’t get enough Kaiut Yoga!
Barbralu Cohen
Boulder, CO

When I started doing this practice I was in line to have two total knee replacements. I can honestly say I do not need surgery right now. My joints just feel terrific…It’s amazing what’s possible with Kaiut Yoga!

Gloria O'Bryan
Boulder, CO

This practice is giving me an opportunity to be kind to myself and to my body…The more I practice, the more I see it. I’m just so grateful.

Judy Brandt
Berthoud, CO

Please try this, please try Kaiut Yoga!

It’s what I always wanted yoga to be but could never find.

Kate Brown
Boulder, CO

Kaiut Yoga is really part of what is keeping me on an even keel during the challenging times we’re living in… I would recommend it to anybody, even people who are almost as old as me — or older than me!

Ren Feldman
Boulder, CO

I took one class and I thought:  I know that this is what yoga is supposed to be.

Caroline Peck
Santa Cruz, CA

No matter who is teaching I can depend on getting exactly what I need in a gentle, kind and nourishing manner.

Janie Oelke
St. Louis, MO

To anyone who has had any type of mobility limitations or inhibitions like I did about trying yoga at a relatively advanced age, I would say that I have found Barn Yoga classes to be very rewarding and very enjoyable.

Andy Sredojevic
Boulder, CO

I’ve benefited from this yoga practice more than any physical therapy that I’ve done because it’s been such a self-healing, a healing that works for me and a healing that I understand.

Jim Fugett
Boulder, CO

I’m hooked on Kauit Yoga.

With the gentle guidance of Wendy, Aprille, Sara and Pam, Zoom classes work for me!

Gloria O'Bryan
Boulder, CO

Kaiut Yoga has been the best health journey of my life!

Madhavii Shirman
Boulder, CO
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