Meet Our Teacher – Sara Truitt

When Sara first encountered Kaiut Yoga, she had been practicing yoga for a number of years, but had not found a yoga community in Boulder in which she felt fully safe and comfortable.  After just one Kaiut Yoga class, she knew she had found her yoga home.

I immediately fell in love; in the first class it was a yes.

She continued following that yes, taking more classes, and eventually enrolling in Francisco Kaiut’s teacher training, not with any intention of teaching, but simply to deepen her understanding of the method.  She began learning about all the many ways in which Kaiut Yoga was different from other approaches to yoga, in particular the ways in which it supported a kind, non-judgmental attitude:

I hadn’t realized that I had spent years judging myself in relation to my yoga teachers and in relation to other unspoken standards/expectations in the yoga world.

I would compare myself to the teacher who was modeling a pose and was always giving me the message that this is the full expression of the pose…That self-judgment affected my body image, the way I was perceiving my aging process, my weight, my physical abilities, how I was supposed to look as a woman, my clothing… I didn’t realize how much comparing myself to the teacher was impacting me.

When I took Kaiut Yoga classes, the instructors were rarely modeling shapes with their own bodies. There was every type of body in the room:   deeply practiced yogis, athletes, different body sizes, different ages, and that is the kind of community I want to be in and that is the kind of world I want to live in.

Although teaching Kaiut Yoga was not something that Sara actively sought to do, even before she had completed her teacher training she began receiving invitations to teach alongside other teachers who recognized her gifts as a teacher. She decided to jump in and start teaching.  The invitations have continued and she has been teaching ever since.

Sara’s life outside of yoga has included working for a decade as a middle school art teacher as well as living in conscious, sustainable communities where she studied permaculture and learned the craft of natural building.  She came to Boulder in 2008 when she was a student at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism and shortly thereafter was tapped to teach at the school. She recently stepped down from her position as Director of the Flower Essence Program and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in art therapy at Lesley College.

When not careering, Sara can be found at her home in the mountains outside of Boulder. She loves being in community and in nature, whether on a river, in a tent under tall trees, or in performance with the Shamanic Dolls, a ritual and sacred dance performance collective. She is currently getting certified as a scuba diver with plans for a scuba trip to the Bahamas in the works (Pictures please!).

Despite her busy graduate school schedule, Sara has made it a priority to continue to teach at Barn Yoga.  After teaching Kaiut Yoga at a number of studios in Boulder Sara has found her teaching home with Barn Yoga.

I just want to give a big shout out to the Barn Yoga community because it is my favorite place to teach! 



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