Meet Our Student – Ren Feldman

At 80 years of age,  Ren describes himself as “an old dude”, but he believes that Kaiut Yoga is helping to keep him “a youngish 80”.  Since starting to attend classes at the barn nine months ago, he reports feeling more flexible and his sciatica has improved greatly.

The transition to online classes due to the pandemic has worked surprisingly well for Ren.

 I wasn’t sure how it was going to go because we think of yoga as being together, our mats are close by and all of that, and yet it works really, really well.  So I just want to put in a plug for what is not currently “barn yoga” but rather “zoom yoga.  It’s good. I like it!

When not practicing yoga, Ren enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife Cedar, taking daily walks, pursuing his eclectic intellectual interests and keeping up with his network of friends.  Ren is a retired university professor, dean, academic vice president and international consultant in higher education.  He is the author of ten books and speaks eight languages.

Ren’s words for those who have not yet tried Kaiut Yoga:

Kaiut Yoga is really part of what is keeping me on an even keel during the challenging times we’re living in… I would recommend it to anybody, even people who are almost as old as me — or older than me!

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