Meet Our Student – Kate Brown

As someone who loves to move her body, Kate tried attending yoga classes a number of times over the years but always found yoga to be a frustrating and painful experience. Even though she was feeling more stiffness and limitation in her body as she got older, she had reluctantly come to the conclusion that yoga was just not right for her. When her chiropractor recommended that she try Kaiut Yoga classes at the barn to help with anxiety and the lingering effects of a concussion, she thought:  

OK, I’m going to try yoga one more time, but I’m done after this!

Six months after she decided to give Kaiut Yoga a try, Kate is anything but done with yoga!  She has made it a priority to come to class almost every day, even in the midst of her busy schedule as the owner of a local natural foods company, Boulder Organic Foods.

I’ve always had a really hard time prioritizing taking time for myself because I have so many things to do at work, but boy has it been easy to just say: “I’m not available at 10 o’clock because I’m doing yoga!”

What’s different about Kaiut Yoga for Kate:

What I have come to find in Kaiut Yoga is that there is no “You have to do it this way or you’re doing it incorrectly.” I feel like I can trust myself to know when I’m going outside the bounds of something that’s helpful… It’s been so great to have all three of the teachers actually encouraging me to respect those boundaries rather than having to feel the stigma of being called out as the one person in the room who can’t do it right.

I came to Kaiut Yoga with so many ideas about: “Oh, I have a stiff lower back” or “Oh, I have this, or oh, I have that.” I had really solidified around those things as my identity, but what I’m realizing is that those aren’t solid identities, that they’re changing and they’re breaking up and they’re loosening and I’m changing. So I don’t have to identify myself as a person with this limitation or that limitation which is so freeing and so wonderful. It’s thrilling. I mean it really is thrilling!

Kate’s message for people who have had tough experiences with other types of yoga:

Please try this, please try Kaiut Yoga! It’s what I always wanted yoga to be but could never find.


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