About Our Teachers

Sarah Lems

Sarah has been practicing yoga since 1996 and has taught various forms of yoga since 2011.   She started practicing Kaiut Yoga in order to try to heal her frozen shoulders and in the process, had such profound positive systemic changes in her body that she knew she would practice this form of yoga for the rest of her life.    She immediately jumped into the teacher training with Francisco Kaiut and is passionate about being able to share the practice with others. Sarah approaches her teaching in a very nurturing, supportive, fun-loving way.

Adri Peratt

After enduring significant trauma, Adri was on the search for something to help her work through, grow, accept, and learn from these experiences. Believe it or not, she found that special something in a high school PE class, where she was first introduced to yoga. The connection that she felt to yoga and all of the healing benefits that it offered her were undeniable.

In mid 2019,Adri was introduced to the Kaiut Method and after practicing consistently for over two years, she became hooked! She could see and feel the healing benefits of this incredible practice both mentally and physically. Adri’s passion led her to the decision to take a deeper dive into the method and she completed her 300-hour teacher training with Francisco Kaiut in early 2022. She is thrilled to share this method of exploration, healing, and sustainability with those around her.

When she’s not on the mat, Adri enjoys creating intuitive artwork, meditating, cooking, hiking, and spending time with her 3 fluffy cat children.

Ben Sunshine

In his 20’s and early 30’s, Ben worked as litigation and antitrust attorney in Washington, D.C.  However, when the pharmaceutical interventions that were helping him manage chronic health issues stopped working, he embraced holistic modalities of healing, including yoga, meditation, and cranio-sacral therapy.  In 2021, Ben discovered Kaiut Yoga, and the method immediately clicked with him because he felt that it synthesized the most therapeutic aspects of various styles of yoga that he had experimented with over the years.  

A regular Kaiut practice has had profound, restorative effects on Ben’s nervous system and immune function and helped him heal.  What further captivated Ben was that many of his friends and family members with whom he shared the practice received tremendous benefits as well – regardless of their age, background, and/or physical limitations.  After completing his 300-hour teacher training with Francisco in 2022, Ben started teaching and has found a true passion in sharing this method with students.

Wendy Zerin

Wendy Zerin, MD has been practicing yoga since 1989. She has been studying with Francisco Kaiut since 2014 and is a certified  Kaiut Yoga instructor.  Wendy is the founding teacher at Barn Yoga where she has been offering classes since 2017.  

In addition to her more than thirty years as a yoga practitioner, Wendy draws on her background as a physician and teacher of mindfulness meditation to bring  an unusual depth of understanding of mind, body and spirit to her yoga teaching.

Guest Teachers

Kathi Fry

Kathi Fry, MD has been practicing yoga since 1976 as a powerful stress reducer while in medical school and to heal from the effects of childhood polio. She has practiced other forms of yoga over the years, including Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinyasa flow, restorative and yin.  Kathi was introduced to Kaiut Yoga after moving to Boulder in 2012 and that has been her main daily
practice ever since.  She has completed the teacher training with Francisco Kaiut and continues to practice with him in various continuing education courses.

Pam Novotny

For the past seven years Pam has devoted herself to the practice of Kaiut Yoga, which has become a passion in her life. Although she didn’t start out thinking she’d become a Kaiut Yoga teacher, that idea grew along with her passion. At first, Kaiut Yoga was all about healing her ankle after three major surgeries in a single year. After a couple of years at the Barn, she also realized that she’d found a special community that was as healing to her as the yoga was. At this time of her life, it feels like a natural progression to share the practice about which she cares deeply, and which she studies consistently.

Pam is engaged in ongoing teacher training with Francisco Kaiut, and she loves sharing the joy and healing of Kaiut Yoga. With five children and five grandchildren, she’s especially grateful that Zoom allows her to be with her family, study with Francisco Kaiut, teach, and practice Kaiut Yoga daily, no matter where she is.

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